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Oreo - Multipurpose Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle With Leak-Proof Cap

Oreo - Multipurpose Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle With Leak-Proof Cap

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Aesthetically Pleasing Matte Finish Plus 3x Powder Coating

Just a glance at the Oreo steel water bottle by Pexpo will make a person fall in love with the strikingly pleasing matte finish; it is indeed extraordinary. The black color is bold yet classy; blue gives such a gallant and promising look, while grey is all about subtle touch and attraction. Besides the aesthetic value, you will also get functional worth with this bottle. We only use 3x powder coating which is three times thicker for better strength and lasting color. It means that you can enjoy using this product sweat-free and without worrying about color fading.

Prevents Temperature Leakage with Tri-ply and Vacuum Insulation

A bottle is not just about how it looks; it is about how well it can meet your requirement. We, at Pexpo, understand that you are looking for an insulated water bottle that can keep your coffee, tea, smoothie, shakes, and other favorite drinks at the right hot or cold temperature. Thus, Oreo is here to let you sip on chilled drinks to crush the summer heat or warm beverages to bear the winter breeze. Our Oreo bottles have tri-ply tech (three layers of stainless steel, aluminum, and stainless steel) along with vacuum insulation for this utility.

Sleek Design for Convenient Drinking and Easy Placement

Stay hydrated well while working out, doing home chores, going to the office, or traveling elsewhere by having an Oreo bottle by your side always. Worried about storage? Well, you do not have to shoulder any burden because Oreo is sleek and can fit anywhere. You may either put it in the holder of your car/ bicycle or even in a bag pack; the bottle will not take much space. Such a compact and slim design will also give you a spill-free sipping every time. The insulated bottle is easy to hold, easy to pour, and easy to store.

Safety of Graded Stainless Steel Along with Other Features

Apart from adhering to the domestic and international standards of the food/ beverage industry, Pexpo is utterly concerned about overall user safety. Oreo is not just a regular cold or hot water bottle; it is 100% safe, BPA-free, and devoid of harmful substances. Even the stainless steel used in the interior and exterior of this flask is according to the industry standards which is SS 304. Resultantly, you will admire its non-corrosive and durable companionship. Also, the vacuum insulation guarantees leak-proof carrying of the bottle.

Keeps Made In India and Environmental Impact in Mind

We stand tall in the market of cold and hot water bottle manufacturers by being Non-Chinese. Every bit of each Oreo bottle is entirely Made In India. Our motive is to promote domestic manufacturing in our country and we wish to do it organically. Thus, Pexpo is persistent about using only sustainable manufacturing methods and materials to make available only eco-friendly products in the market. Let’s reduce plastic usage together and buy stainless steel, double-walled, durable, and safe Oreo bottles.

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