Rodeo: Pack of 6
From:  1872
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Rodeo: Pack of 6

From:  1872

PEXPO Rodeo is a stainless steel water bottle, 1000ml, with a single wall for fast cooling and lightweight carrying.
User Guide
• Wash the bottle before using it for the first time. • Clean the insides of the bottle by using a brush. • Do not microwave or freeze the bottle. • Keep the bottle away from direct sources of heat. • Avoid filling the bottle with carbonated drinks.
Care Guide
• Our bottle is odorless, but the beverage inside may leave traces of smell behind. So, we suggest cleaning the bottle regularly. • The best cleaning experience comes with using baking soda, hot water, a soft brush, and a sponge. • Avoid cleaning agents like chlorine, bleach, or strong detergent to clean the bottle. • Empty the bottle and leave the cap open when not in use.
Assurance of Warranty Period
• Our Rodeo stainless steel 201 bottle with a single wall comes with a repairing warranty within thirty days of purchase for any manufacturing defects. • The provided warranty is only for defects in material and workmanship. Kindly attach along the original bill to avail of the warranty perk wherever applicable. • Please note that we do not provide replacements, but we are efficient to repair faults in workmanship and material. Damages from mishandling or tampering are not covered.
Wave Off Shipping Charges
Avail of free shipping on PAN India deliveries for orders above 499 INR. We assure you of no other hidden charges to enable an experience without any loopholes at Pexpo.


Chills water, energy drink, etc. fast

Mid-year can get quite warm in India which calls for chilled beverages and continuous hydration. We suggest you invest in a single wall fridge bottle like Rodeo that is sure to fulfill your needs for cool drinks. The benefit of the single wall here is that it will not take much time to chill your smoothie, water, coffee, etc. It does the job as fabulously as its name which is Rodeo fast cooling fridge bottle by Pexpo. This stainless steel bottle is idle for men and women, children, and adults wanting to enjoy their favorite beverage chilled quickly.


Follows all standards of the industry

Our Rodeo bottles are designed to pass the grades of the food and beverage container industry like BIS (IS 17526: 2021) and International standards (EN 12546). Even the stainless steel or the single wall used in the manufacturing is industry-recognized SS 201. Pexpo is determined to provide its customers with a long-lasting, safe, BPA-free, non-corrosive, and worthy experience with each bottle. Even the processes and final products are eco-friendly to contribute toward the social responsibility aspect.


Provides sheer convenience with the broad cup

Many people often find it difficult to sip through the bottle directly; they prefer drinking from a cup. If you are also one of them; there is no need to worry, we are here with our cylindrical Rodeo stainless steel bottles that come with a voluminous sturdy cap. You can use the same lid to pour your drink into it and enjoy your tea, coffee, water, etc. easily. There will be no chances of spillage or leakage as the cap is engineered keeping in mind your convenience. The material used is also 100% safe even for your toddlers.


Stays appealing with long-lasting colors

Feel free to choose among our popular range of colors like red, blue, black, and silver in this single-walled fridge bottle. We make sure to paint the bottles with 3x powder coating only which is safe and strong. The three-times thickness of this color technique ensures a sweat-free grip every time for non-slippery holding, drinking, or pouring. This color tech also ensures the long life of the colors; thus, you do not have to worry about the bottle starting to look dull or faded after some time. We only use 100% safe colors.

Ensures environmental and personal benefits

Each of our Rodeos is Made In India; they are totally Non-Chinese products. Also, as a responsible bottle manufacturer, we at Pexpo, allow only eco-friendly final goods to get dispatched. Some other benefits that you will love while using this bottle are that the bottle is lightweight due to the single wall tech and it does not have the odd smell which is otherwise, common in new bottles. The lid also fixes easily yet securely to offer a leak-proof and durable experience throughout.

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Weight 0,374 kg
Dimensions 9,5 × 9,5 × 30 cm
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Black, Silver, Blue, Red

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