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Pexpo sports bottle

Extra Features You Will Love About Pexpo’s Sports Bottles

Do you carry a water bottle while going to the gym or ground? Is a tumbler your forever companion while playing any sports or exercising? Are you happy with the product? Or do you find hassles like frequent slipping or temperature leakage? Well, Pexpo is here to change the game and make your experience so […]

Pexpo tri-ply bottle

Beating The Heat With Cold Beverages And Tri-ply Bottles

The temperature is rising to new levels of heat and summers are getting hotter than ever. With everyone sweating out and feeling thirsty every minute, it becomes obvious to sip chilled drinks. Just a sip of cold water or other beverage feels like a heavenly touch under the scorching sun. But, the problem is that […]

Pexpo Bottle

Improve Metabolism And Overall Health With Hot Drinks

Everybody knows that water is the elixir of our lives; we cannot think about surviving without water even for a day. As we all know, drinking water regularly is utterly necessary not just for quenching thirst, but also for plenty of other health benefits. Supple skin, functional organs, proper balance, etc. are some of the […]

Cosmo carafe pexpo

A Steel Or Glass Carafe- Which One Is Better?

Coffee lovers who prefer doing the brewing process on their own would agree that having a good and efficient carafe is such an important thing. For those who do not know, a carafe is like a pot used to make coffee and other beverages sometimes. It is only while using a carafe that the owner […]

Pexpo bottle

Helping You To Identify The Parts Of A Water Bottle

Anything you see has a different name for all of its components. But, sometimes, we just keep wondering what a specific part is called. For example, did you know that the end part or the tip of a shoelace is called aglet? Or, how about the word glabella connoting the space between your eyebrows? Well, […]

Pexpo bottle

Is It Safe To Put Ice Cubes In A Water Bottle?

The general tendency in households is to use a water bottle for all types of beverages including lemonade, carbonated drinks, and so on. The precautionary tip is that one should read the label beforehand to know what beverages can and cannot be put into bottles; not all of them are designed for acidic or aerated […]

Pexpo bottles

Which Bottle Is Best For Which Type Of Beverage?

Have you ever wondered if there is a specific type of bottle for a particular beverage? After all, the bottle manufacturers keep introducing better and new designs after in-depth search. Makers are not putting in the effort, time, and money in coming up with the most suitable design unnecessarily; there has to be some reason […]

Pexpo gym bottles

Make Your Workouts Effective With Hot Water In Steel Insulated Bottles

There is no denying the fact that intense workouts drain every bit of energy in you and drinking water comes as a perfect solution for energy restoration. Even if you are not exercising intensively, power yoga, simple yoga, or even light exercises can make the doer feel thirsty. Everybody’s instant reflex action during or after […]

Pexpo gym shaker

3 Reasons Why A Protein Shaker Is a Must-Have Accessory For Gym Goers

Are you a fitness freak who goes to a gym daily? Or are you planning to get weight training from a professional? Has the motivation of working out hit you for better health? If yes, let us help you by giving you a fruitful suggestion. How about getting the essentials for a power-packed session each […]

Pexpo bottle

Putting Jargon Related To Stainless Steel Bottles In Understandable Language

One may feel utterly confused while coming across complex words describing the qualities of a stainless steel bottle or lunchbox. But, the truth is that the meaning of all such terms is utterly crucial and very easy to understand. If you also have been trying to dodge the relatable jargon, it is time to update […]

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