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Pexpo bottle Label

Labels To Look For While Buying A Steel Water Bottle

The packaging and labeling of a product say a lot about the sincerity of the manufacturers and the worthiness of the products. The written material on such packages and labels conveys every bit of information to the buyers that may affect their user experience. Thus, responsible makers nowadays always try to share as many details […]

Pexpo lunch box

Healthy And Happy Things You Can Pack For Lunch

Lunch is an essential meal of the day as it fuels a person back when their energy level gets drained after working hard since morning. Be it the school/ college goers or those going to the office, everyone needs the urge to feed their hunger in the break time. Also, if you are traveling or […]

A Mom’s Guide To Hydration And Nutrition Needs For Kids

Seeing your kids grow is one of the most beautiful experiences. Nurturing them is a responsible job and one cannot get wrong with it in any sphere. Besides studies and play, their food habits and drinking schedule are the top concerns for every mother. A child\u2019s energy, health, and overall development depend largely upon what […]

Pexpo health bottle

Questions You Would Love To Answer For Your Daily Health Needs

Are you a regular gym goer? Do you wake up early in the morning to jog or exercise in the fresh air? Is your day incomplete without a long brisk walk? Do you keep track of your water intake? Is nutritious food your top priority? Well, even if you are not that active due to […]

Why Is There A Specific Amount For Daily Water Intake?

Be it a doctor or a dietitian, a gym instructor, or a health article, everybody is going to tell you to drink enough water. Suggestions begin with a minimum of eight glasses of fluid for an average adult and end at increasing or decreasing the amount according to age, gender, weight, weather, illness, and other […]

Pexpo bottle

5 Things You Will Like About Carrying A Reusable Steel Bottle Everywhere

It does not matter if you are traveling for an outstation vacation or commuting for work locally, going to a gym, staying at home, sending your kids to school, or sending them for play, it is almost impossible to not carry a water bottle. And, if you are the one who prefers buying bottled water […]

Pexpo bottle

5 Inexpensive And Eco-Friendly Products All Of Us Must Have

We all keep talking about the dire need to take protective measures to save the planet. Everybody shows immeasurable enthusiasm while writing or speaking about a such sensitive topic, but it is very saddening that only a few people are actively taking action. It is our duty to take care of our motherland and our […]

Pexpo bottle

How Often And Why Should You Clean Your Reusable Bottles?

Do you use reusable water bottles at home and office? Do your kids take the same water bottles every day? When was the last time you washed the bottles? Has it been a very long time? Or did you never wash them yet? Did you know that unclean bottles used for drinking even water might […]

Pexpo cosmo carafe

A Steel Carafe- Everything You Should Know About This Fabulous Product

You might have seen or heard about carafes used as ornamental pourers for wines and other spirits. They usually have a narrow long neck and a broad base to ease the pouring process. But, this post is not about those types of carafes; it is about a coffee carafe. Coffee lovers, tea admirers, and brewer […]

Pexpo bottle

Reasons That Make Sense To Choose A Reusable Steel Bottle

There is no doubt that the water bottle industry has undergone an immense revolution. With fancy exteriors, functional interiors, and overall innovations, even water bottles have become impressively advanced nowadays. The credit goes to the brainstorming and creativity of the designers behind such cutting-edge bottles available in the market today. However, there is one thing […]

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