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Pexpo gym shaker

3 Reasons Why A Protein Shaker Is a Must-Have Accessory For Gym Goers

Are you a fitness freak who goes to a gym daily? Or are you planning to get weight training from a professional? Has the motivation of working out hit you for better health? If yes, let us help you by giving you a fruitful suggestion. How about getting the essentials for a power-packed session each […]

Pexpo bottle

Putting Jargon Related To Stainless Steel Bottles In Understandable Language

One may feel utterly confused while coming across complex words describing the qualities of a stainless steel bottle or lunchbox. But, the truth is that the meaning of all such terms is utterly crucial and very easy to understand. If you also have been trying to dodge the relatable jargon, it is time to update […]

Plastic pollution

Easy And Effective Ways To Reduce Plastic Pollution

Time and again, people have been hearing about the ill effects of using plastic. Plastic is causing grave concerns for the planet’s climatic and living conditions. There is enough discussion on this topic already on national and international levels. However, the real question is how many of us are listening to this seriously. Are we […]

Pexpo bott;e

Things To Know About Single-Use Plastic Ban In India

People in India received a turning and unexpected legal announcement of banning single-use plastic items with effect from July 01, 2022. This caused a lot of commotion nationwide leaving people in great turmoil. The government of India came up with this mandate after several years of planning and discussion seeing the saddening impact of plastic […]

Pexpo bottle

Which Is The Best Grade For Stainless Steel Water Bottles?

Have you ever wondered about the gradation of stainless steel in your water bottles or lunch boxes? Or have you paid close attention to the words SS 304 where SS implies stainless steel and the numerical beside it indicates the grade? What are they and why are they important? Well, these grades are integral because […]

Pexpo fridge bottle

Which Fridge Bottle Is The Best In The Market?

Does it not get annoying when you open the fridge and pick up a water bottle only to find it warm? Everybody wants to enjoy chilled water or other beverages as soon as they keep the bottle in the fridge. Disappointingly, people have to wait for an exasperating duration before their beverage finally gets chilled […]

Pexpo bottle

Clearing Your Duration Concerns About Storing Beverages In Stainless Steel Bottles

Whenever a person uses a product, it becomes obvious to think about the pros, cons, and after-experiences for the user. The concern becomes even more serious when it is about using something for drinking as it can impact one’s health. So, while using a stainless steel bottle also, it is obvious to have some doubts […]

Pexpo bottle

6 Wowing Perks Of 3 X Powder Coating On Steel Bottles You Did Not Know

Powder coating is one of the distinctive points in each Pexpo bottle. It is a free-flowing process of coloring a product with dry procedures and powdered components instead of the typical liquid application. This is done with the help of a procedure called ESD or Electrostatic Spray Deposition. The coated powder is then let to […]

Pexpo bottle

The Joys Of Having Insulated Water Bottle From Pexpo

There are plenty of essentials a person has to carry to their office, school, gym, drive, and other places. One of the most useful and required products is a stainless steel bottle. And, it must be noted that a water bottle is not just for outside usage but for home usage also. Having such a […]

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